Apply to become a Haidée Drew stockist and join the retailers who sell her highly desirable collections worldwide. Trade accounts are available for Interior designers, architects and retail outlets, minimum quantities apply. 


Haidée  offers a design service working with trending forecasts, museum collections or exhibitions to create retail products. From small batch runs to mass produced items. Design service can include complete manufacture service.


Interior designers, Architects and private customers can commission bespoke pieces with the ability to customise products from the Haidée Drew range to suit their project. Materials and processes can be utilised to create tailored designs or unique pieces. 



Clean lines and silhouetted designs give Ara mirrors their contemporary look and timeless feel. They are inspired by over one hundred years of mirrors and hand mirrors. Made from acrylic they are surprisingly light and are hung from a delicate brass chain. They sit beautifully on their own, in a small cluster or as the whole collection. 


Ara Mirrors - Acrylic, mdf & brass chain



Geometric faceted lines make up these adjustable mirrors in silver and gold acrylic. Hung by a single length of brass chain they can be displayed at many different heights and configurations.  Duo has a modern aesthetic with subtle Art Deco influences. 


Decoration simplified

With reduced geometric lines and faceted forms this collection has a strong contemporary aesthetic and a timeless feel. Dress any interior to give it a touch of everyday extravagance, Deconstructed comprises of mirrors, wall hooks, candle holders, candelabra's and functional center pieces. Available in a natural and monochrome palette and crafted from birch, steel and acrylic.




Handled chopping boards inspired by the V&A’s silver galleries. The sustainably manufactured bamboo allows for intricacy whilst still retaining strength. The handles based on traditional silverware give a sense of luxury and additional function. The handled collection is available in five styles and designed to fit together to make a set. 


new technology meets handmade

Digital Soane, was a competition organised in collaboration with the Royal College of Art Sir John Soane's Museum with the support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. In March 2014, the bust of Sir John Soane, which sits centre stage in the Museum’s Dome Area, was 3D scanned and digitally shattered. The fragmented pieces were then used as the starting point for a new object created by RCA Jewellery & Metal graduates.

Haidée's winning ‘Collar’ Vase dramatically contrasts between the flowing organic replica of the fragment, and the angular facades that attribute its function. The piece has retained the feeling of a fragment or a slice of the bust; this with the combination of the naturalistic white marble material will give the impression that you actually have a piece of Sir John Soane’s bust on your mantelpiece. The vase has been designed to hold one large flower or a small flower arrangement, The lean of the vase assists in the arrangement. Haidée has developed two more vases for Sir John Soane's Museum. They are aptly names 'Brow' Vase and 'Drape' Vase and were developed from selected fragments and cast in Marble and granite jesmonite.


Winning Collar Vase - White Marble jesmonite



Porcelain wall hooks inspired by 1930's kitsch. These elegant ducks can hang in any direction so you could have them swimming or flying in formation across your wall. Handcrafted by slip casting in Haidée's London Studio, and glazed in clear gloss (white) or a traditional celedon green. 



Light shades inspired by french crystal chandeliers and industrial inspection lamps. Beaded is an extravagant combination of 19th centuary decadance and the elegant simplicity and function of a light cage. LUMIER and NEO can be hung or simply placed on a surface to create the most spectacular shadows, and luminosity 


architectural stories

A homage to east London architecture, significant buildings with their own personal history, recreated with function and created from birch ply and acrylic. 


Balfron BOX is a contemporary version of a Victorian Fern Case, inspired by Haidee's home in the listed Brutalist Tower. After the great exhibition of 1851 Fern cases and Terrariums became  immensely popular, Ferns and then orchids were displayed in people homes as a show of opulence. BALFRON BOX pays homage to this time and to Erno Goldfinger the architect of the iconic Building in Poplar


BOX Factories is a collection of boxes that pay homage to the historical warehouses and wharf's of Hackney Wick on the edge of the Olympic Park. They were originally shown at Hackney Wicked Art Festival at Vittoria Wharf Studios. And then again at the Victoria & Albert Museum takeover. Each building has a unique history, from war tales of boxing gas masks to the labyrinths of artist studios that are there today. The boxes have since been featured in Elle Decoration and Homes & Gardens, and have brought about many bespoke commissions. 



Engraved words on re-sized Ford and Lex mirrors.

Not another Bill

Hi & Her gifts, exclusive design for Not Another Bills gift subscription

Carillion Igloo Genesis

Presentation box for Sweetwater Bid on the Olympic Park, East London

Private Commission

Re-cast from original drawer handles, adapted to create wall hooks, Cast Brass, Lathed components. 

Private sale - One off

Re-mastered brass ornaments to create functional wall hooks. 


Tapas dishes, Sold primarily to restaurants.