Balfron live/work residency facilitated by Bow Arts ran from 2010 - 2016, In 2014 I joined the residency programme. Balfron Tower designed by Erno Goldfinger, was designed as a part of a project to rebuild the badly bombed East End, Trellick Tower in west London was its predecessor. The building was completed in 1967 and listed as Grade II in 1996, Balfron Tower took part in Balfron Season and London Open House. For the occasions I styled the flat and dressed it in my designs creating a Limited Edition Brutalist inspired fern case. 'BALFRON BOX' was showcased during the events and also during the first part of my design residency at 2 Willow Road.

No37 Balfron Tower was then immortalised in the book 'Style Council' by Sarah Thompson. With a forward by Wayne Hemingway and Its beautifully and highly personal insights by Sarah it shows real homes at their best and is an inspiration to anyone interested in taking a look behind the scenes of often unappreciated ex local authority homes. 


BALFRON BOX is a contemporary version of a Victorian Fern Case, inspired by Haidee's home in the listed Brutalist Tower. After the great exhibition of 1851 Fern cases and Terrariums became  immensely popular, Ferns and then orchids were displayed in people homes as a show of opulence. BALFRON BOX pays homage to this time and to Erno Goldfinger the architect of the iconic Building in Poplar, which is currently on decant before its refurbishment.

The Box is made from a clear green and frosted green acrylic giving the feel of glass and allowing maximum light to the plants inside. Though it is the designers interpretation of the building the architectural details are remarkably accurate, including the fortress style windows in the service shaft. The box will comfortably take two 10cm diameter plant pots where ferns and orchids or any plant that enjoys a bit of humidity will flourish.