roz and chris

Co-Laboratory was a project giving designers an opportunity beyond education to collaborate and learn new skills through direct interaction with a fellow design professional and culminating in a showcase exhibition. curators Jo Davies and Haidee Drew invited a selection of established and up and coming designers to take part. The curators paired participating designers together with different, yet complimentary practices, to create new work. The intention of the project was to nurture the creativity of conversation, and to encourage new discoveries and the forming of dynamic allegiances that will outlive the exhibition. Each exhibitor had been chosen for their demonstrable ability to make.

Co-laboratory was a showcase of talent from a breadth of disciplines including a footwear designer, paper jeweller, silversmith, paper illustrator, prop designer, product designer and sculptor.  They were asked to make something new, something that functions and something that uses the following quote as its starting point:

‘The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.’ - John Pierpont Morgan

The colaborators:

Rhoslyn Butler and Christopher Jarratt

Christopher Thompson Royds and Camilla Smythe

Helen Friel and Tim Davies

Hannah Stockham and Sarah Kelly

Exhibition: KM Studios Arch 358, Whiston Rd, E2 8BB 15 – 25 April 2011

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