'Design to Serve' review


'Design to Serve' presented eleven designers work based around the presentation and consumption of food and drink. A diverse collection of functional work to suit any interior from the everyday to more specialist and unique objects. They all sat together remarkably well exhibited in collections of similar styles, materials or colours. ''As our homes become ever more important to us as places to socialise so does the ritual of eating. Food, and the objects that support its preparation and consumption, have inspired all the objects in this exhibition of selected independent designers. All exhibitors have been chosen for the beauty of their designs and their unique approaches to materials and function.''  Haidée Drew &  Jo Davies



Amy Hughes

Katja Bremkamp

Katja Bremkamp

Lotta ColeLotta Cole - All wood sourced from Lotta's family forest in Sweden

Benwu Studio

Benwu Studio, Objects from fallen branches in Hyde Park

Haidée Drew

Haidée Drew

Owen Wall - Ceramics

Ying ChungYing Chung - Layered paper

Ying Chung

- Layered paper

Lee Borthwick

Bagshaw and Rose

Bagshaw and Rose


Jo Davies Ceramics - Hand Thrown Porcelain