V&A Friday Late 'Hackney Wick Takeover'

The ‘Conservation factory’, is an installation made for the V&A ‘Hackney Wick Take over‘ highlighting some of Hackney Wick and Fish Island’s most occupied and productive landmarks, through illustration, mapping and products. Step inside to uncover how these innocuous buildings hide within them, secret worlds of creative production. The ‘conservation factory’ is collaboration between AffordableWick and Haidée Drew. The factory was a combination of my  'Box Factories' a celebration of the areas buildings and Richard's extensive work in Hackney Wick highlighting the creative production and the need for affordable workspace. Richard and I set about creating a giant box factory combined with the ideas behind his mobile cabin and a pop-up gallery space

The installation asks, Is an area’s character defined just by its buildings of townscape merit, or are the uses within buildings worthy of conservation? Hackney Wick’s creative economy is reliant on existing industrial building fabric, these buildings need to be retained and protected not just for their townscape merit, but also for the types of production they enable.

The proposal for the extension of the Hackney Wick and Fish Island conservation areas, is a means to encouraging land owners to retain existing industrial buildings. The new conservation area will cover many of the studios and workshops shown in this installation. It is crucial that we all actively support the proposals, to try to keep ‘the wick’ a place of innovative production.

Conservation Factory 4 Conservation Factory 3 Conservation Factory 2 Conservation Factory 1 Conservation Factory 5