YARDHOUSE - New studio at Sugarhouse Studios



Haidée Drew Studio has moved to the YARDHOUSE at Sugarhouse Studios, in between Bow and Stratford and still on the Olympic Fringe, so not so far away from where it all started in Hackney Wick. The space is beautiful and bright and makes the perfect creative space, The front wall is the main show stopper with is multi coloured concrete tiles  I share with a diverse bunch of creatives so look out for upcoming open studios!

More about the YARDHOUSE..

Yardhouse is an affordable work space building based in Sugarhouse Yard, designed and built by Assemble and funded by the LLDC as a pilot for the provision of new creative work space in the Olympic Park.The layout of the building reflects an aspiration to create a sociable and collaborative work environment. The building is arranged as a simple 2 story, 3 aisle structure. The side aisles are used as individual studio spaces, and open onto a generous double height communal area.Through utilizing off the shelf materials and taking an extremely economic approach to construction, the project provides the generous scale, light quality and ceiling heights appropriate for creative uses at a fraction of the cost of a conventional new build.

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