Haidée to do 2015 Residency at 2 Willow Road

The 2 Willow Road residency programme showcases the work of contemporary London artists and designers who continue to be influenced by Ernö Goldfinger’s vision for the future. As well as a design for modernist living and family home, the house was a forum for artistic and political debates, some of which are as relevant today as they were in 1942 when the Goldfingers opened their home every day for a month to raise money to be sent as aid to Russia to support its fight against Fascism. Charging an entry fee of one shilling, the Goldfingers displayed and sold art works by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Roland Penrose, Ben Nicholson, Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Picasso – many of whom were friends and spent time at the house.


Bow Arts and the National Trust
Bow Arts has been providing emerging and established artist talent for the 2 Willow Road artist residency since 2012.  Bow Arts has a flair for finding extraordinary people to work in extraordinary places, epitomised by the Simon Terrill’s Balfron photography project in 2010. The relationship between Bow Arts and the National Trust was cemented in 2014 at Balfron Tower, for a season of artist events, open studios, guided tours and artist residencies brought a huge national audience to the east London Goldfinger masterpiece.  The creative association continues in 2015 through the introduction of Haidée Drew to 2 Willow Road. 

The Resident
Haidée Drew is an established designer creating interior accessories that have a visual dialogue with the past,  with  inspiration often taken from historical collections to create functional design with a sense of nostalgia, whilst retaining a strong contemporary aesthetic and timeless feel. Haidée sells her ranges internationally and has worked with many architects and interior designers to create bespoke pieces. In 2014 she claimed further recognition with her award winning vases for Sir John Soane’s Museum. 

During her residency at Willow Road, Haidée plans to create a collection of new ‘desktop’ accessories inspired by the architecture of the house and its rich collections of art and objects. The exhibition will evolve over the duration of the residency, initially with work in progress and showcasing ‘Balfron Box’ created while at her residency in Balfron Tower during the Balfron Season, and ‘Box Factories’ a Homage to Hackney Wick the designers former home. The exhibition will be updated regularly with the final collection to be revealed in June 2015.

www.haideedrew.com   mail@haideedrew.com  -  www.nationaltrust.org.uk   www.bowarts.org    
2 Willow Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 1TH  .  28th February to 1st November 2015