Casting Workshop with Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance makes the most beautiful geometric vases, his design uses molds that can be manipulated to allow for a unique form each time it is cast. His FACETURE film shows the whole process of making a the vases; from the making of the mould to the casting of the piece in a similar way to slip casting.

Phil Cuttance’s offers a 4-5 hour workshop where you get to make your own resin vase starting by getting to grips with the process by making a pen pot. The small group of six were a mixture of creatives and non creatives and had been designed so literally anyone could do it and get ‘near’ perfect results. We were given the opportunity to make a simpler version of one of Cuttance’s existing designs or you could freestyle your own design with guidance. Of course I free styled it making a mold out of long triangulated shapes. However I would really recommend going with one of Phil’s designs because the mold design is tried and tested, and its great to be able to take something away that is not just the process but something of the designer too. The workshop was fantastic and a great insight into a process led design studio. There will more workshops soon and I highly recommend going! You can find out more information and make an inquiry here.