Style Council

A year ago I was living in the brutalist Balfron Tower in Poplar East London. It was designed by Erno Goldfinger and Trellick Tower in west London was its predecessor. It was my second property through the Bow Arts live-work scheme. During my time there I designed 'Balfron Box' for Balfron Season and opened my home for London's annual Open House. 

Balfron has been getting a lot of press lately from Artists threatening to throw piano's of the top floor to ex-tenants up in arms about the privatization of local authority properties. However my favourite has to be Sarah Thompsons 'Style Council' (of course I am totally biased) Style Council brings together inspirational and eclectic selections of interiors from a generation of  homeowners who are redefining the status of local authority architecture. 

My flat was one of fourteen homes immortalised in the book. With a forward by Wayne Hemingway and Its beautifully and highly personal insights by Sarah it shows real homes at their best and is an inspiration to any new home makers.

You can buy Style Council here

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