Geo Mirrors 'Cuboid' and 'Cylinder' are now being stocked at the prestigious Royal Academy Shop. They are available to buy in the store in Picadilly London or in their online shop. 

The Royal Academy was established in 1768 by a group of 36 Artists and Architects to establish a society to promote Art and Design, today it is still artist led as a Charity, school and internationally renowned exhibition space that also works with communities and education. Currently they are showing their Summer Exhibition and Mattisse in the Studio.

Haidée Drew's Geo Mirrors are designed to give the illusion that they are projecting out of the wall. With the choice of three keyhole hangers the mirrors can by hung in in different ways to transform the look of your interiors and the give the appearance of having totally different mirror. They work well as a set, hung in multiples to make a statement wall or on their own.

The contemporary mirrors are made from tinted acrylic mirror in gold and silver, grey and silver or bronze and silver. They have a clean cut edge with no bevel which lends themselves to this ultra modern look. See more images here

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