17 Patterns and Haidée Drew present a unique collaboration to the mark the centenary of the original WW1 Dazzle Camouflage. The partnership delivers a highly original geometric wall mirror elevated by its unique concertina design and architectural facades.

Paying homage to the optical art form first introduced as naval camouflage during World War 1, it was 17 Patterns 'Dazzle' wallpaper collection that first inspired the collaborators to embark on an exploration of guise and illusion, developing a companion mirror that extends the alluring symmetry of its wallpaper counterpart.

Creatively disruptive, blurring the lines between art and practical decorative design, 17 Patterns & Haidée Drew’s ‘Dazzle Mirror’ is a highly polished piece of engineering. Hand-made in the UK using mirror-finish solid brass and steel, this triptych mirror displays both Haidée Drew's unique talent for creating sculptural objects with function and 17 Patterns’ trademark innovative approach to developing and producing bolder, more intelligent compositions.

Haidée - “I had always wanted to explore the idea of creating a product that could integrate into a wallpaper design, I was instantly drawn to 17 Patterns Dazzle Wallpaper, its geometric design really lends itself to this concept.”

Precision folding gives each geometric mirror a concertina effect, delivering a distinctive next-generation aesthetic. With its delicate metalwork structure, echoes of precious gems and sculptural asymmetry, this stunning tessellated centrepiece makes a futuristic statement.

Thoughtfully crafted to be equally at home on any background, this talking-point design reflects how generations of architects, fashion designers, and graphic artists are still inspired by the pioneering, visually disruptive wartime Dazzle designs, introduced by the renowned British maritime artist, Norman Wilkinson a century ago.