Willow is a collection of multi functional objet d'art inspired by Ernö Goldfingers modernist home in Hampstead Heath 2 Willow Road. The objects pay homage to the renowned architects ethos, his Modernist and Brutalist architecture and his private art and object collections in the house. This project was born out of a design residency with The National Trust and Bow Arts from February to October 2015. 

Desk Tidy ' Ernȍ'

Sand Cast Bronze.

The tessellating desk tidy on first glance appears to be a modernist looking sculpture, the symbols of a circle within a square appears throughout the artwork in the house. However as soon as you start interacting with the pieces its function becomes evident with each configuration.

Jewellery Box 'Ursula'

Hand pierced Copper, Turned Oak .

The jewellery box when closed creates intrigue to its function and contents. The cut in the side and the hole in the copper allows you to instinctively want to interact with it and understand its function. When the lid is removed it can be held upright by the cut in the side of the bowl to create a perfectly angled mirror. Oak is used throughout the house, and though I would have liked to use brass as the mirror, copper felt more natural as traditionally this is the original material used for mirrors.

Candle Holder 'Balfron'

Sand Cast Iron, Concrete based jesmonite.

These stack-able candle holders are like mini brutalist water towers. The modernist symbols of circles and crosses are also influenced by the artwork and found objects within the house. The iron and concrete parts can be used either way up, stacked on top of each other or separately to hold three different sizes of candle.