Brow Vase

Brow Vase


Brow Vase part of the Soane Collection has been cast partly from a 3D printed replica of Sir john Soanes Bust, The aptly named 'Brow Vase includes the top of his left eye his forehead and a section of his hair. This heavy vase is made from Granite Jesmonite. The material subtly glistens and sparkles in the light


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Brow Vase dramatically contrasts between the flowing organic replica of the fragment, and the angular facades that attribute its function. The piece has retained the feeling of a fragment or a slice of the bust; this with the combination of the naturalistic white marble material will give the impression that you actually have a piece of Sir John Soane’s bust on your mantelpiece. The vase has been designed to hold one large flower or a small flower arrangement.

Measurements are approximate:

H15cm x W11cm x D12cm