Palladian mirror has a relief surface and comes in two panels to be display together or apart on a flat wall or on a corner.

Palladium pays homage to the portico's and columns of 18th Century Architecture and its influences while evoking the feeling of luxury and femininity. Throughout the piece you will see references to some of the main Georgian influences such as Greek and Roman Architecture, crowned by the scalloped shell of Aphrodite.

H110cm x W50cm x D3cm

Made to order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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MATERIAL -  Silver, Teal, Grey, Bronze Mirrored Acrylic with an MDF Backing

CARE -  Only clean with a clean soft cloth and an acrylic safe cleaner.

FIXINGS - There are two flush key hole hangers for each panel. We recommended to fix the mirrors to the wall with Screws